Nom Nom Pet Treats

Nom Nom Pet Treats

Drool-worthy treats that make tails wag!

dog treats

Made with love

You want the best for your pup and so do we. These are the treats they are meant to eat, designed specifically for your dog’s digestion and taste buds. Even the fussiest eaters and sensitive bellies love a #NomNom treat box.

As nature intended

Every treat is as natural as they come. Our dehydrated dog treats are made using only 100% natural and human-grade ingredients. No added nasties.

Proudly Local & Eco-friendly

Founded in the UAE, our treats are locally made and sustainably packaged.

Order your box

Select a box and hit order by the 14th of every month.

Receive Your Box

Also known as #NomNomDay by our biggest fans. This drool-worthy moment happens on the 28th of every month.

treat your pup

Watch their eyes light up when you surprise them with new treats, with a unique menu created every month.

Happy Dogs, Happy Humans

Having one mixed breed dog, 2 shihtzu & a cat it can be quite difficult to satisfied our entire 4 paws family with a monthly treat box order from one place. With Nom Nom we found the perfect solution as our furry family, including Dusty the cat, just love the treats💗🐾 We got our second order a week ago & it was total party time 🐶. The treats are 100% natural & you know, due to the level of details of the box, that they are made with a lot of passion & research. Also every month your Pooch receive different treats so nobody gets bored 👍🐾. I highly recommend Nom Nom to any pet owners ! It can also be a nice gift idea for the dog of a friend

Marie Laure

Amazing treats. Ginger absolutely loves the entire range so far. Having a dog with allergies it makes so important having this healthy treats that I know what is in there. It's healthy treats delivery to my door and always different ones, so Ginger never gets bored and I get the most out of my dog with this 🐶❤️


My bunnies loved each and every treat that came in the box! Thanks for preparing these healthy snacks for them.


Monty loved his Nom Nom small Pupper Box. I loved dealing with Nom Nom ppl, they really care about what Monty likes and what’s good for him. The packaging is fab too!


Wonderfully healthy deliciously prepared treats made with a lot of care thought and your pets’ well-being in mind. My pups love it and they are super fussy eaters. I adore the packaging and personalization the note is such a thoughtful and welcoming gesture. The variety is doggylicious and tastetastic. I’m totally obsessed with this brand. Very happy 😃 mama of three little Doxies. Thank you from Oscar, Phoebe & Frankie


I have to say Lola is absolutely enjoying every single treat of the box insanely. Suad and team is doing a wonderful job by keeping my senior one healthy in terms of treats delight :) Keep up the good work guys and keep making such amazing treats for our little ones!!


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