Nom Nom Pet Treats

2 most important things to keep in mind when choosing treats.

Treats are a delicious way to reward your four-legged friend and supplement their diet. Seeing your dog happy with a wagging tail is indeed satisfying. So, choosing the right treats is very important to keep your pet healthy and happy.

The healthiest dog treats should have 100% natural ingredients with no additives

 Here are our 2 top things to consider when choosing treats for your pet

  1. Number of ingredients - The number of ingredients used in dog treats does not matter, only if they are all of high quality and beneficial for your dog’s health. However, most of the artificial treats found in the stores contain unwanted fillers, artificial colors, flavoring, and additives that are not at all good for your dog.  At Nom Nom Pet Treats, we do not use any fillers like corn, soy, all-purpose flour, wheat flour, oats, sugar or sweeteners etc.
  2. Ingredient Quality – It is important to know and advocate for your dog’s well-being. Many pet food brands cut corners to mass produce. Our treats are all 100% human grade and safe for your pets.

At Nom Nom Pet Treats, we take pride with each one of our handcrafted treats. We do not take short-cuts and only offer 100% natural and species appropriate treats.

Our 4-legged customer Olive enjoying her Buffalo & Flaxseed Sticks.

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