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5 Health Benefits of Natural Treats

Not just any treats but healthy treats…

Anyone with a furry friend knows the importance of treats. Not only are they an invaluable training tool, but they also play an important role in forging a bond between you and your pet. Giving your dog, rabbit or cat a well-earned treat is a display of affection that they really appreciate.

Because treats can play such a critical role, it’s essential to make sure they aren’t having an undesirable health impact. For example, too many unhealthy and artificial treats can lead to obesity and other health issues in the long run which in turn leads to poor quality of life.

If you are truly concerned about the health of your pet, you may want to also consider including natural treats for them as well. While the idea of a “treat” doesn’t typically inspire thoughts of health, these tasty tidbits can be a great way to bolster your pet’s diet and make sure that they are getting the right amount of protein and other nutrients.

Health Benefits of Natural Treats

1 - Balanced & variety diet is key:

For optimum pet health, feeding a balanced, nutritional diet is key – and this extends to treats too. Natural pet treats like Nom Nom are increasingly popular among conscientious pet parents who understand the importance of rewards that are both healthy and tasty. Any qualified nutritionist will advocate that feeding a variety of meat, organs, fat, bones, fruit, and vegetable is essential for overall well-being just like our human diet. Hence, adding treats can offer another way to mix up your pet’s diet while ensuring that they are still getting quality nutrition.

However, it is important to know that even when treats are healthy, they can never replace a balanced diet in the long run. Instead, treats should be considered as an enjoyable supplement to your pet’s daily diet.

2 - No added additives or preservatives:

Natural treats made with fresh ingredients; natural pet treats do not contain the artificial additives found in other treats to enhance flavors and color. However, store bought Lower-quality pet treats are often made to last longer with the addition of chemicals like butylatedhydroyanilose, butylatedhydroyutoluen and ethoxyquin.

3 - Better for the digestion:

Like people, pets can suffer from allergies and intolerances to ingredients in foods. Switching from a low-quality treat to natural treats can reduce inflammation and lessen the severity of allergic reactions because of the superior protein and species appropriate ingredients. Natural treats are easy to digest and gentle on the stomach.

4- Better dental health:

Especially for dogs, natural treats can be beneficial for your dog’s dental health; poor quality of treats can comprise their teeth just like kids eating too many candies, but natural chews and bones can contribute to improved dental care. 

5 - Help to strengthened the immune system:

The immune system is the first defense for fighting off infection, which is why it’s so important to keep it in tip-top shape. Providing complete, balanced, quality as well as variety in nutrition is essential to help our pets’ immune system.

Fulfilling your pet’s life

At Nom Nom Pet Treats we think healthy and natural treats are the way to go. That’s why our products have been developed to delight your furry without compromising their health.

Our box includes variety and quality ingredients so you as pet parents know exactly what you are feeding your beloved furry ones.

Our Pupper Box consist of 
  • Muscle Meat
  • Organ Meat
  • Chews
  • Seafood or Training Treats
 Our Bunny Box consist of
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables & herbs
  • Oat based treats
  • Hay based treats