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How to keep your dog mentally happy?

As any true pet parent knows, toys play an important part in your dog’s life. It keeps them entertained, enriched and great for diverting certain behaviors or training.

Although it is true that not all dogs like to play with just any toys. We know this firsthand because our dog Naji doesn’t play with any toys but what gets him excited are the functional toys also known as Enrichment Toys!

Examples are Licky mats, food dispenser, hide and seek to name a few.

Enrichment toys are great especially for our urban dogs as they don’t get to exercise some of their instinctual needs. Dogs are natural scavengers and hunters, so the use of food-based activity toys is natural and stimulating.

These types of toys are useful to redirect an enthusiastic puppy, provide exciting challenges for a senior dog or provide a more advantageous behavior for a dog with separation anxiety when left alone or simply help meet the daily need for activity, exploration oral stimulation or simply make food intake more interesting. 

Hence, we don’t only craft healthy artisan treats for your dog but we also stock eco-friendly and non-toxic toys that you can pair it easily with our treats to help your dog’s mind regulate endorphins and pump up that dopamine.

Healthy mind and body promote live longevity.

Top tips:

  •  After your dog has finished playing with the toy it is important to pick the toy up and remove it from the dog’s visibility. By doing so, the toys remain novel and can teach them that these toys are special and not always available.
  • It is important to offer the activity toy to the ability level of your dog. The goal is to keep them occupied and enjoy the toy without becoming frustrated or bored. Look out for frustration sign as that is just counterproductive.
  • Choose a toy that is suitable for your dog's size, chewing habits etc. Always supervise your dog.

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