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Top 3 Additives to Avoid in Your Dog's Treats

In today's crowded market of dog treats, unraveling the nutritional value and safety of what you're feeding your furry friend can be as daunting as navigating a maze. At Nom Nom, we understand the importance of transparency and prioritize the well-being of your beloved pet. Our treats are meticulously crafted without additives, keeping your dog's health and gut happiness in mind.

Navigating the Maze of Dog Treat Quality

Similar to human food, the quality spectrum of dog treats varies widely. Unfortunately, the lack of regulation in the dog food and treat industry, coupled with misleading marketing tactics and vague ingredient lists, clouds the picture of what truly goes into your pup's snacks.

Why Add Additives?

The question arises: Why do some companies choose to incorporate additives and questionable ingredients into their dog treats? The motivations behind such decisions are multifaceted.

1. Cost-Cutting Measures

Some companies opt for additives to reduce production costs while maximizing profits. Quality ingredients come with a price tag, and by substituting them with cheaper, inferior alternatives, these companies seek to bolster their bottom line.

2. Aesthetic Appeal Over Health

Certain dog owners may be swayed by the visual appearance of treats, leading companies to employ artificial colors or bleaching agents. However, dogs couldn't care less about the appearance of their treats; they crave taste and nutritional value above all else.

3. Scent Over Substance

In a bid to cater to human preferences, some companies prioritize scent over substance, resorting to artificial fragrances instead of wholesome ingredients. Yet, as any dog owner knows, the aroma of a treat holds far more sway than its appearance.

4. Weighty Trickery

Adding certain ingredients solely to increase the weight of treats is another tactic employed by some companies. This deceptive practice serves to pad profits at the expense of canine well-being.

At Nom Nom, we're dedicated to pure, high-quality dog treats. Here's why:

1. Healthier Ingredients, Happier Dogs

We refuse to compromise on the health of our furry companions. By avoiding additives, we ensure that every bite of Nom Nom treats contributes to your dog's vitality and longevity.

2. Transparent Practices

Our ingredient lists are crystal clear, providing you with the reassurance and confidence you deserve when selecting treats for your pet. No hidden surprises, just pure, wholesome goodness.

3. Gut Health Matters

We recognize the critical role gut health plays in overall well-being. By eliminating additives, our treats support digestive health, ensuring that your dog's tummy stays happy and functional.

Nom Nom's All-Natural Approach

When it comes to your dog's treats, steer clear of additives like sorbitol, glycerin, and phosphate. These ingredients offer little to no nutritional value and may even pose risks to your pet's health.

Sorbitol: Known to contribute to a range of health issues, including hypoglycemia, obesity, and tooth decay, sorbitol has no place in our recipes.

Glycerin: Derived from soap manufacturing and lacking sufficient safety studies for canine consumption, glycerin is an ingredient we avoid at all costs.

Phosphate: Processed bone residue used to balance calcium and phosphorus levels, phosphate additives are incompatible with our commitment to natural, wholesome ingredients.


Your dog deserves the best, and at Nom Nom, we deliver just that. With our additive-free treats, you can indulge your furry friend with confidence, knowing that their health and happiness are our top priorities. 

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