Our Story

Nom Nom Dog Treat and Toys Shop

Hello furry friends & humans!

Thank you for stopping by!

Making treats has always been something I really enjoyed doing for our 7 furry kids. And if you are wondering why I started Nom Nom the answer is pretty simple. Like many pet parents we were quite frustrated with the lack of natural, healthy treats available at the pet stores. So this is how I decided to make our own treats. We believe that our pets deserve natural and species appropriate food and ingredients that they are meant to eat. 

So after 3 years of making treats for our family, I want your 4-legged family member to have the chance to enjoy these natural, species appropriate treats as much as ours do.

Every treat that I make, is filled with love, knowledge and passion and will not be dispatched until our furry QC team has passed it!

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope our treats will make your furry ones happy and healthy.

Suad Khalil & The Furry Friends (Pepper, Max, Mila, Nala, Naji, Nunu & Nola)