Dog Slow Feeder Bowl - Wave
Dog Slow Feeder Bowl - Wave

Dog Slow Feeder Bowl - Wave

Dhs. 90.00 AED
Pay in 4 interest-free installments. No fees. Shariah compliant. Select Tabby in the checkout to obtain the feature.


This all-in-one bowl combines a slow feeder, a lick mat, and an enrichment tray, making mealtime longer, healthier, and more enjoyable for your furry friend. Designed to improve digestion and provide mental stimulation, the Waiting Doggos Slow Feeder offers the best of both worlds for your dog's mealtime experience.


Mess-Free Feeding: Serve wet and dry foods together without any mess. The individual chambers allow you to combine or separate foods, making mealtime convenient and organized.
Versatile Usage: Suitable for both snacks and meals, this tray adapts to your dog's needs, providing flexibility and variety.
Natural Eating Experience: The design features different heights and depths, mimicking natural eating conditions. It stimulates your dog's foraging instincts and offers a more engaging mealtime experience.
Ideal for Flat-Nosed Breeds: Perfect for flat-nosed dogs like bully breeds, this shallow slow feeder allows for slower eating without difficulty for breeds with shorter snouts.
Health Benefits: Slower eating promotes calmness, prevents bloating, improves digestion and gut health, and makes small meals last longer.
Entertainment and Behavioral Benefits: Keeps your dog entertained, reduces separation anxiety, alleviates boredom, and minimizes unwanted behaviors associated with boredom.

Enhance your dog's mealtime with the Waiting Doggos Slow Feeder. Combining the benefits of a slow feeder, a lick mat, and an enrichment tray, this versatile and health-promoting tool ensures that every meal is both enjoyable and beneficial for your furry friend. Choose Nom Nom for a happier, healthier pet.

Ingredient Information

Feeding Guide


Dimensions: 8” wide x 8” tall, 0.1” thick
Weight: 14.1 oz
Capacity: Holds 1.5 cups of food

Storage & Care


Supervision Required: This is not a chew toy. Always supervise your pet while using this enrichment slow feeder. If it becomes damaged, remove it immediately to ensure your pet's safety.


Dishwasher Safe: The slow feeder is dishwasher safe on the top rack for easy cleaning.
Hand Wash: You can also wash it in warm soapy water.
Freezer and Microwave Safe: The feeder is also suitable for freezer and microwave use, adding convenience to your dog's feeding routine.

Delivery Information

2-3 day delivery anywhere in the UAE

(Public holidays may cause changes to delivery schedules)

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